Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Year's Eve

I spent the New Year's Eve in Copenhagen. We had a small party from about 7 p.m. At the beginning we were setting at the table, laughing and sharing interesting stories. Then, Andrea get started to prepare typical Italian food. We had a problem with opening the wine, because there was no wine opener in our kitchen and also the other kitchens in our dormitory were not accoutred with this essential tool;) Eventually, our friend Delhad from Iraq helped us, unfortunately he broke the knife and  pushed the cork into the bottle but in the end he succeeded in opening the wine and this was the case. We were eating the spaghetti and Zamponale with potatoes - it was delicious. Next, we were dancing and an hour before midnight we went to the centre of Copenhagen to see the fireworks. The fun was great. We took a lot of photos and wished to each other a happy New Year. Next, we searched for a club for about two hours. In the end, we found an opened club, but some persons didn't have the appropriate document to enter the club and we were so tired that we decided to return our dormitory, but some of us still wanted to ring in the New Year and they stayed in the centre. Generally, we welcomed the New Year in this nice way and hope it will be wonderful year.