Friday, 11 April 2014

Childhood is NOT the happiest time of a person's life

Many people look back on their childhood. It is a very important period in our life as then we lay the foundations of the rest of our days. However, we are not fully independent. In my opinion, childhood is not the happiest time of a person's life. I prefer to be in my twenties. The bases for my view are financial, personal and social.

Financially-speaking, I could not afford many things having only my pocket money. My parents fully decided about the most important and at the same time the most expensive expenses. Currently, I am in my twenties and can earn money. I know what I want to buy and what I want to invest my money in. When I was a child, I was able to discern good investment opportunities, but my parents never gave me money to do that, because I was too young and they were afraid that I could lose everything. Now, I plan my budget myself and am fully aware how much I can spend. 

Personally, as a child you cannot select a place where you live and with whom. You have to live with your family and meet with friends only from your backyard, since you are not allowed to wander too far from home. Some of your friends might be kind, but frequently there are older boys who behave like bullies and think of themselves as rulers of the backyard. Nowadays, I can choose where I live, where I go and with whom I spend my time. I can find people who have similar interests to mine and I can enjoy my time fully. 

Socially, I can vote and am citizen whose voice is audible. People no longer treat me like a child who is not responsible for its actions. They have to take my opinion into account and I have more influence the world I live in.

In conclusion, we should not think too much about our childhood and be aware of its disadvantages. My point of view is that we should make this very moment the happiest time in our life.

People say that a good sense of humour is one of the most important human qualities

For many people life is challenging and even tough. Many times we have to confront injustice or simply complaints from other people even when using public transport. In my opinion, in many cases it is better and healthier to just smile and turn an accusation into a joke instead of beginning a quarrel. Thus, I fully agree that a good sense of humour is one of the most important human qualities.

Considering the general public, we can notice that we generally do not like sad people and many public figures, especially the successful ones know about that and use the knowledge on a daily basis. The best speakers in my country usually insert in their long speeches some jokes and that makes people more concentrated on the content of the speech because they wait for the next joke. Furthermore, the most popular professor at my university starts his lecture with a joke and even if his lecture commences early in the morning, nobody is late because everybody wants to listen to his jokes.

Personally, I found that many times my sense of humour can express my internal thoughts and feelings. Moreover, when I meet a friend of mine who is cheerful and full of happiness, the person can make me feel happy as well and transfer his or her internal good state into my mood and feelings. On the other hand, if a person is sarcastic then the effect is opposite, even though a joke can be funny. I hate black humour and my point of view is that we should avoid this kind of humour. 

Socially, it seems to me that most women like funny men. My friend prepares some new jokes before every date and he always has a good time with his girlfriends. A good joke is a good ice breaker and especially at a beginning of a new relationship. It works not only in our personal life but also in business. I remember that my first manager recommended me to 'crack a joke' from time to time. Once, we had a lot of work and had to stay a bit longer in our office. There was a beautiful sunset and he complained that he had to be still at work. Then I said that fortunately it had not been a beautiful sunrise. We laughed at it and instead of complaining we finished our work faster.

All in all, the sense of humour is very important. We should use it judiciously and avoid laughing at others. We should try to find a positive element in every aspect of our lives. A good sense of humour can help us in many fields, even in accelerating our career success and enhancing personal life.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Touching picture

Sometimes Warsaw can bestow on you a touching picture ...

Agriculture era invented wheel, today's information area invented computers and internet.

We live in the world of information. The information is handled using computers and the internet. There is no field in science or even in our everyday life that has not been influenced by computers or the internet yet. Is it true that these two great inventions nudged other great inventions and achievements?

When we come to think about it then we can come up with many ideas confirming this statement. Far and foremost, access to information as well as better and faster communication have enabled us to live a happier and longer life. Currently we can find solutions to our problems just by typing a few words in a search engine like Google. In many cases we no longer have to go and look for specialists or find a relevant book because modern algorithms can process information and return helpful results faster. In addition, people can communicate using emails, online chats, twitter, hangouts, skype and many other services. Social media give us an opportunity to stay in touch with our old friends and maintain professional and business connections.

The computer and the Internet were made by scientists for scientists. These people still use these technologies heavily and most effectively. Thanks to them we were able to build space crafts and calculate many things to eventually land safely on the moon. Recently, we have also landed the curiosity rover on Mars. Computers enable us to store and process information in many subject areas. Financial instruments are very complicated and without computers and the internet it would be rather impossible to trade them effectively and invest money in the areas that really need financial support. Besides, we store human genome in big databases and are close to finding solutions to many genetic diseases. Furthermore, physicists at CERN can notify all interested people of the latest results of their experiments via World Wide Web which actually was invented at CERN.

All in all, there have been many inventions but these two, namely computers and the internet, were milestones that laid the foundations of many other inventions and have enabled us to achieve such great results. We still can improve computers and the internet and make our mother earth an even better place to live.

Social settings in “Stones for the rampart”

A new war movie based on the book “Stones for the rampart” is a story of two lads in the Polish underground movement in 1944. The film, directed by Robert Gliński, perfectly shows the social settings in Warsaw during the Second World War. The main focus is on the youth who have to live in this severe circumstances. In addition, parents of the young people and Polish society as well as German soldiers are presented.

First of all, the film is about young, well-educated, brave, decisive and companionable young people living in occupied Warsaw. Rudy is one of the main characters who speaks German fluently. Not only that, but his sister plays piano well and amuses everybody during a party at home. This clearly demonstrates a high level of education in the interwar Poland. Furthermore, the movie depicts small acts of sabotage carried out by Polish underground movement, the Gray Ranks. The young people do not hesitate if there is any occasion to weaken or lampoon the enemy. For example, they hang a German uniform filled with straw on a street lamp in the city centre. The scouts are very brave and determined to fight in any possible way. Moreover, they value their friendship very much. They rescue their friend who was interrogated and tortured by German soldiers. This is when the film reaches its climax.

On the contrary, the remaining part of the society is frightened and generally they do not want to confront the German army. Parents of the scouts want to save their lives as well as their children's lives at all costs. They try to discourage their children from fighting. Also they strive to find any source of income which is very tough during war. Most of the Polish citizens are very poor and they suffer starvation. Children kill pigeons to eat meat whereas some adults trade guns and other arms. On the other side, German soldiers are very cruel and brutal. What's an example of this? They organise raids on the streets of Warsaw and torture many people in prisons.

In conclusion, the film illustrates different groups of society living in occupied Warsaw during World War Two. It was done in a clever and touching way. The whole movie does come across as true and convincing story in which the society is shown from different perspectives.