Friday, 11 April 2014

People say that a good sense of humour is one of the most important human qualities

For many people life is challenging and even tough. Many times we have to confront injustice or simply complaints from other people even when using public transport. In my opinion, in many cases it is better and healthier to just smile and turn an accusation into a joke instead of beginning a quarrel. Thus, I fully agree that a good sense of humour is one of the most important human qualities.

Considering the general public, we can notice that we generally do not like sad people and many public figures, especially the successful ones know about that and use the knowledge on a daily basis. The best speakers in my country usually insert in their long speeches some jokes and that makes people more concentrated on the content of the speech because they wait for the next joke. Furthermore, the most popular professor at my university starts his lecture with a joke and even if his lecture commences early in the morning, nobody is late because everybody wants to listen to his jokes.

Personally, I found that many times my sense of humour can express my internal thoughts and feelings. Moreover, when I meet a friend of mine who is cheerful and full of happiness, the person can make me feel happy as well and transfer his or her internal good state into my mood and feelings. On the other hand, if a person is sarcastic then the effect is opposite, even though a joke can be funny. I hate black humour and my point of view is that we should avoid this kind of humour. 

Socially, it seems to me that most women like funny men. My friend prepares some new jokes before every date and he always has a good time with his girlfriends. A good joke is a good ice breaker and especially at a beginning of a new relationship. It works not only in our personal life but also in business. I remember that my first manager recommended me to 'crack a joke' from time to time. Once, we had a lot of work and had to stay a bit longer in our office. There was a beautiful sunset and he complained that he had to be still at work. Then I said that fortunately it had not been a beautiful sunrise. We laughed at it and instead of complaining we finished our work faster.

All in all, the sense of humour is very important. We should use it judiciously and avoid laughing at others. We should try to find a positive element in every aspect of our lives. A good sense of humour can help us in many fields, even in accelerating our career success and enhancing personal life.

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