Friday, 11 April 2014

Childhood is NOT the happiest time of a person's life

Many people look back on their childhood. It is a very important period in our life as then we lay the foundations of the rest of our days. However, we are not fully independent. In my opinion, childhood is not the happiest time of a person's life. I prefer to be in my twenties. The bases for my view are financial, personal and social.

Financially-speaking, I could not afford many things having only my pocket money. My parents fully decided about the most important and at the same time the most expensive expenses. Currently, I am in my twenties and can earn money. I know what I want to buy and what I want to invest my money in. When I was a child, I was able to discern good investment opportunities, but my parents never gave me money to do that, because I was too young and they were afraid that I could lose everything. Now, I plan my budget myself and am fully aware how much I can spend. 

Personally, as a child you cannot select a place where you live and with whom. You have to live with your family and meet with friends only from your backyard, since you are not allowed to wander too far from home. Some of your friends might be kind, but frequently there are older boys who behave like bullies and think of themselves as rulers of the backyard. Nowadays, I can choose where I live, where I go and with whom I spend my time. I can find people who have similar interests to mine and I can enjoy my time fully. 

Socially, I can vote and am citizen whose voice is audible. People no longer treat me like a child who is not responsible for its actions. They have to take my opinion into account and I have more influence the world I live in.

In conclusion, we should not think too much about our childhood and be aware of its disadvantages. My point of view is that we should make this very moment the happiest time in our life.

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