Thursday, 3 April 2014

Agriculture era invented wheel, today's information area invented computers and internet.

We live in the world of information. The information is handled using computers and the internet. There is no field in science or even in our everyday life that has not been influenced by computers or the internet yet. Is it true that these two great inventions nudged other great inventions and achievements?

When we come to think about it then we can come up with many ideas confirming this statement. Far and foremost, access to information as well as better and faster communication have enabled us to live a happier and longer life. Currently we can find solutions to our problems just by typing a few words in a search engine like Google. In many cases we no longer have to go and look for specialists or find a relevant book because modern algorithms can process information and return helpful results faster. In addition, people can communicate using emails, online chats, twitter, hangouts, skype and many other services. Social media give us an opportunity to stay in touch with our old friends and maintain professional and business connections.

The computer and the Internet were made by scientists for scientists. These people still use these technologies heavily and most effectively. Thanks to them we were able to build space crafts and calculate many things to eventually land safely on the moon. Recently, we have also landed the curiosity rover on Mars. Computers enable us to store and process information in many subject areas. Financial instruments are very complicated and without computers and the internet it would be rather impossible to trade them effectively and invest money in the areas that really need financial support. Besides, we store human genome in big databases and are close to finding solutions to many genetic diseases. Furthermore, physicists at CERN can notify all interested people of the latest results of their experiments via World Wide Web which actually was invented at CERN.

All in all, there have been many inventions but these two, namely computers and the internet, were milestones that laid the foundations of many other inventions and have enabled us to achieve such great results. We still can improve computers and the internet and make our mother earth an even better place to live.

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