Friday, 14 December 2012

How was it with Less in Geneva?

Less made my weekend from 21-st to 23-rd  of September. I borrowed the Audi A4 2.8 quattro and went to the Gare de Cornavin in Geneva. I was a bit late but found Less easily - he had been waiting there for me a few minutes. He was lucky, Richrad and Charlie were in Crozet and Less was the only friend of mine who met both my housemates. We fell asleep after a tasty French supper and long discussion. Next day, we woke up in the morning, ate fast breakfast and went to CERN. At the beginning I was an unofficial CERN guide and thought my teachable student a few things about CERN. The learning was fruitful and during an official CERN tour round ATLAS experiment my student answered our guide's question. The question was: "Why there are two experiments which want to find a Higgs boson?" The answer is: "if we prove the same thing twice using different methods we can be more confident about the result". Then we visited computer centre and Less could see our PC farm. Just after that, we went to Geneva, so we visited cathedral and hung out the rest of our day in this marvellous city. "The Intouchables" movie was a key to a pleasant evening. On Sunday morning we attended English mass with Charlie. Salev mountain, called a balcony of Geneva, was our day's aim. This was an amazing adventure! First we veered off course to the top of the mountain, then chose a path for a downhill. In the end, we had to pass an abandoned tunnel - it was funny and a bit strange. There was a fog in Geneva's valley, but when we reached the top of the mountain  we were above the fog and clouds and could see Mont Blanc. We took a Téléphérique down and had to hurry up to be on time at the airport. Less recommended me a book "Rich dad, poor dad" - I've just read it and highly recommend as well!