Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Longer and better life? Yes, please.

The more inventions the longer and better life. Have you ever wondered if your your lifespan can be increased? Do you want to control your car with your brain and be in a nowhere near place at once? Let's consider inventions that could help us to achieve these goals.

A drug against ageing is on top of the list. We do want to live longer. Some scientists argue that a special region in our brain (the hypothalamus) is responsible for the ageing process and possible to be controlled. By applying a drug that could block chemical process in this region of the brain we would be able to lengthen our lifespan.

What about a helmet which would detect signals in your brain, process them to specific instructions and control machines around you. For example, instead of  a steering wheel in your car you could turn left using a thought in your brain. A pilot of a jet fighter could control the machine in a better way since movements of hands on a joystick are slower than brain signals communicating directly with an electronic follow up system.

The last but not the least invention is a supersonic individual transport. A novel way of transport in special capsules that could work like missals and have special start and stop docks. Much faster transport close at hand.

There is a long way to go to realise these plans. One thing we can be certain of is continuous progress that makes our life a little bit better every day.

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