Tuesday, 7 July 2015


There are some dreams in your life and you want to make them come true. I really wanted to come to the US and here I am. I made it in to town no problem! However, we tend to omit the real life experience when considering our future. So, let me present to you some more down to earth details about the whole trip. I left home very early in the morning on Sunday. I love my parents and sisters very much and the moment my bus started heading for Warsaw, I was missing them. My best friend collected me at the bus station in Warsaw and took for a holy mass. Then, we ate delicious lunch and went to the airport. My American friends, whom I got to know at the Bible Talks, met with me at the airport and we were talking only for a few minutes since I had to check in. The boarding lasted about 1 hour and after that I survived the longest flight in my life - about 9 hours. We were flying over Sweden, Norway, Island, Greenland and then Canada.

When I reached Chicago, the first impression was that the city had rather a gloomy character with its brown roofs and straight streets.
bird's eye view of Chicago
My sister alight upon one thing that after leaving in Switzerland for about 1.5 years in total, probably any other place would seem to be shabby for me. The interview at the airport was very short and everything went smoothly. Then I took the blue line metro to Chicago Loop (center) and then a red line to the Wrigley district. The place was at least dodgy. Probably, I watched too many American movies when I was a child but this was the time when I was a bit afraid of being robbed. I went to my hostel according to the directions given by Google maps but did not find it. I started asking people at the street for some help in finding the hostel but nobody heard about such a hostel.  Then I decided to ask a person standing in front of a door with small luggage. Bingo! This was the place that I was searching for. Fortunately, the place was well-secured which I checked on my own. It was a very hot night and I wanted to go out for a terrace. Once I opened the door, an alarm went off. I ran quickly to the reception desk and told them not to call the police. Uff, I was there on time. Having experienced all of that and being very sleepy (5 AM, time in Warsaw, GMT+2), I called it a day and hit the hay.
Chicago Loop

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